Do you want to have a valuable, fulfilling, and sustainable psychology practice that contributes to society?


Join me on your journey to clarity and connection with an inspiring community of colleagues who are:

Growing Sustainable Practices

Working with people they love to serve

Making their valuable contribution to society

The sustainable Psychology practice framework

No matter how you choose to work with me, we will anchor your growth in the Sustainable Psychology Practice Framework.



This framework focuses on growing valuable, fulfilling, and sustainable psychology practices that contribute to society.


The antidote to the overwhelm and isolation that can accompany private practice can be found in the connection and clarity that comes from having a structured approach to growing your practice, celebrating your success and having the right support activities in place.


Clarity comes from strategy, accountability, innovating to respond to clients’ needs, measuring progress and focusing on the best contribution you can make.



Connection comes from linking goals through to plans, being part of a supportive community of like-minded psychology professionals, and taking time for self care.


Working as a psychologist for over 23 years, Wendy also mentors psychologists through group and individual coaching to develop valuable, fulfilling, and sustainable psychology practices that contribute to society.

Whether she’s working with companies, employees, or other psychologists, she loves helping people see beyond the borders of ‘what is’ and consider the new terrain of their challenge.

Wendy’s purpose in life is to help people be free to be their most alive and authentic selves, look inside to understand themselves, bring together different perspectives, and create new visions.

This mission is at the heart of Grow Your Psychology Practice. 


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From Our Clients

I decided to invest in Wendy’s services as I needed some career guidance and also some coaching around setting boundaries with clients and developing potential and selling my brand. I had no hesitations about working with Wendy as she is a leading professional in her field with an outstanding reputation and having had previous discussions before, I knew that she would be able to help me and drive me forward in my new venture. 

A professional who is always in touch with people as individuals with different needs, Wendy is able to use her breadth of expertise to always show empathy in different situations. You can have a good laugh with Wendy while always knowing she will give you the best guidance and the best coaching possible. Wendy has vast experience in many different areas of business, psychology, talent management, and coaching. She is always happy to share her own experiences and also to connect you to resources and other people who may be helpful. This coupled with her down-to-earth approach is very rare and hard to find.

I cannot recommend Wendy highly enough, to people starting out in their careers through to CEO’s of large corporations. Wendy is very inspiring and so much fun to work with while always remaining professional. Her coaching and guidance have been invaluable to me.

Yvette Allan

Wendy is an inspiring & insightful coach as I have found through my inter-action with her. Her gentle & diligent approach pays dividends as you discover blind spots, talents and dreams right from the start of the information session onwards. A generous & committed professional who balances feedback on your strengths & possibilities for development in a proactive & productive way effectively.

Michelle St Jane

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