I’m Wendy Kendall,

I’m a Chartered Occupational Psychologist,

and I’ve been where you are!

Early into my business, I fell into a cycle of low paying associate cases, working on projects that didn’t inspire me just to bring in an income. I was experiencing peaks and troughs of work and didn’t have a sense of real financial security.

“After several years working as an associate, I felt I was being undervalued by my business partners and it wasn’t too long before I felt I wasn’t serving my clients to the best of my potential. I knew I could do more for them. 

The turning point in my practice came when I was screwed by my business partner on a contract. It was then I decided to go it alone to re-build my own brand and practice.

I embarked on a journey of learning through different programs. I also decided to invest in myself and my business by engaging in coaching and mentoring.

Over time I have steadily built my business to a stage that is exciting and rewarding. I feel as though I have rediscovered my personal vocation in my profession.

I would love to work with you and share the lessons have learnt so that you too can have a rewarding, thriving and sustainable practice.”

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I reserve a couple of coffee slots every week to speak to psychologists about growing their psychology practices. You can book the next available slot here


Wendy is an inspiring & insightful coach as I have found through my inter-action with her. Her gentle & diligent approach pays dividends as you discover blind spots, talents and dreams right from the start of the information session onwards. A generous & committed professional who balances feedback on your strengths & possibilities for development in a proactive & productive way effectively.

Michelle St Jane